VRS gaming and entertainment center is a fully immersive gaming center equipped with the best VR technologies from motion platforms, racing simulators, VR touch experiences & gaming treadmills.VRS center unique setup allows for a wide range of experiences suitable for all ages

Extreme Machine

Ready to feel your pulse racing? Jump into our sports simulator and sky dive, bungee jump, fly & run with Dinosaurs, motor race, ski and scream your lungs out on a roller coaster.

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Racing Simulators

Multiplayer racing Experience different cars & race tracks. Race, Drag, Drift and Rally With motion, force feed, manual shifters & hand breaks just like a real car

Touch VR

Step into the amazing virtual reality world open, touch and move objects using your own hands in a 360 experience so you explore more


A gaming experience like no other... Be immersed in virtual reality, with the OMNI platform Walk & Run In the VR World.

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VR Shuttle

An all in one theme park with multiple attractions & rides full of intense motion Swim with sharks, explore Jurassic park, roller coasters and much more

VR Theater

Indulge into a world of entertainment with 80 experiences, movies and rides Explore space, visit haunted house, surf the ocean and much more