Try something you never experienced before but always wanted to! 
Visit places you’ve never been to before but always wished you could
VRS introduces Extreme-machine virtual reality motion platform, The innovative platform allows the users a full 360 degrees view and reacts to body movement which makes it possible to interact and control the game. Since user’s body becomes a joystick his sensations while on the platform are much stronger and the difference between reality and virtual world is blurred.
Extreme Machine provides multiple experiences from roller coasters, bungee jumping ski diving, skiing and much more.


Active virtual reality that is taking gaming to the next level.
Virtual Reality is best experienced with motion. The Virtuix Omni™ is a first-of-its-kind active virtual reality platform that enables natural movement. Active VR, where your movement in the virtual world is controlled by your physical actions like walking or running, creates an unprecedented sense of immersion that cannot be experienced sitting down.
We run in real life. Sometimes for entertainment, sometimes for exercise, and sometimes because it is our job. Why would you want to give that up in virtual reality? The Virtuix Omni™ is the ONLY way to run in virtual reality safely and comfortably, without risk of falling or colliding with people, walls and other objects that hurt.


Feel the tarmac and live the exhilarating rush.
Next Level Racing® motion platform V3 is designed purely to provide ultimate immersion with most realistic racing simulation experience available. The future of simulation is here and the next level racing® motion platform puts you on the racetrack or flight tarmac with incredible precision, realism and immersion. Combine the next level racing® virtual reality and you will get an incredible experience that is simply unbeatable.
The Next Level Racing® Motion Platform V3 is designed and engineered to be the most advanced professional platform on the market and based on feedback we are certain it can outperform professional platforms .
Next Level Racing® Motion Platforms are not only used by sim racers from around the world but also leading universities, military defense, training institutions and professional drivers/pilots.